Our STEAM curriculum works in four levels offering age-appropriate STEAM + Movement programs for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Using Lego® bricks and other building materials, students master the basics of engineering using gears, pulleys, levers, and axles to design construct simple machines, complex machines, and other structures. As they build basic engineering skills, they advance through our programs, and are introduced to robotics, coding, animation, and more.



Preschool and Kindergarten / Ages 4-5

Our Wee Engineers explore science, nature, biology, math concepts, and the language arts through plenty of playful movement. In our pre-k programs, children begin to learn basic building techniques and sound construction and use this understanding to begin tinkering with simple machines. Using DUPLO® blocks and other materials, young learners begin to investigate, discover and solve problems in new ways. Our Wee Engineering programs are designed for parents and kids to learn together in a relaxed and fun learning environment. 



Grades K to 6 / Ages 5 to 12

Our Level I programs build a foundation of S.T.E.A.M knowledge by incorporating popular themes like Pokemon®, Ninjago®, and Minecraft® into our programs. Using Lego® bricks and other building materials students explore a range of S.T.E.A.M subjects and master the basics of engineering using gears, pulleys, levers, and axles to design construct simple and complex machines. Students have a blast playing games and setting up collaborative challenges with their creations to further experiment with S.T.E.A.M principles. All level I programs are open to all students - no previous experience required.



Grades 2 to 6 / Ages 7 to 12

Our Level II programs introduce students to the world of Lego® robotics. Children learn how to construct robots that move and walk, they convert rotational motion into translational motion, adjust force with levers, operate gear and belt drives, and work with motion, tilt sensors, and sound. Using iPads or tablets, students begin to learn and experiment with basic programming and coding.  Working in teams of two, employing their problem-solving skills, students put to use their understanding of physics and kinetics when designing, constructing and programming robots. Students learn basic coding with Scratch®, run programming with Sphero®, and  fine tune their story-telling skills by creating original  Lego® animated films. All level II programs are open to all students. No previous experience required.



Grades 4 to 8 / Ages 9 to 13

Using Lego® EV3 and other robotic technologies, students take on complex challenges with more advanced builds and technologies in our Engineering LEVEL III programs. Working in teams of two, employing their problem-solving skills, students put to use their understanding of physics and kinetics when designing, constructing and programming advanced robots. Level III programs require previous experience. Currently, we only offer level II robotics. Stayed tuned for upcoming programs with EV3. 


Physical training helps us strengthen our bodies, but it also improves the health and performance of our brains by sharpening cognition, increasing memory, and enhancing our ability to concentrate. Our S.T.E.A.M programs incorporate learning traditional Martial Arts forms and other movement disciplines like gymnastics, archery, and yoga. In addition to improving strength, flexibility and coordination, these time-tested movement arts have been proven to increase cognitive flexibility, improve reaction time, and promote problem-solving abilities — skills that are essential to STEAM fluency. 


Builds strength

Improves concentration

Improves flexibility and balance

Enhances cognitive processing

Promotes problem-solving skills

Increases confidence


On the mats, students build their Muay Thai technique, fine-tune their alignment in Archery, master the angular stick work in Kali, and develop the balance and strength of a gymnast under the careful guidance of expert instructors. Our coaches work with students of all skill levels to build a foundation of strength, agility, and coordination. As we move, our instructors highlight key foundational science concepts and help students make important STEAM connections later in the Lab. 


It's hard to sit still! We want kids to feel free to move more naturally while they work. When energies run high (or on occasion too low) we teach kids helpful breathing, relaxation and exercise techniques inspired by yoga and other methods to help them regulate their energy and focus their attention. 




Children today are growing up in a rapidly changing digital age that is far different from that of their parents and grandparents.  A vast array of technologies are all around us embedded in our daily lives, in our homes, offices, schools and communities. Many parents aren't sure how to manage their children's time on digital devices. We believe when used wisely and with intention technology and other media can support complex learning in young children and help them foster important relationships.

We set personal goals and technology limits.

Passive use of technology and any type of screen media is an inadequate replacement for active play and engagement with other children and adults. Good tech habits should be formed at an early age. We encourage students to move their bodies as much as possible, use technology creatively and to set limits on screen time. 

We use technology creatively. 

Technology is a powerful tool for learning when its used to expand on children's natural curiosity and interests in ways that are creative, productive, and contribute to a mind-set that embraces life-long learning.

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